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Welcome to Heartwood Designs--Fine Woodworking



    If you are looking for the most sought-after wooden furniture antiques of the future, you have come to the right place. Heartwood Designs produces museum-quality original work using traditional quality workmanship and fine hardwoods. 

 Heartwood produces work with carving, sculptural shaping, and other exquisite detailing.


Heartwood Designs uses the best joinery methods available to produce well-proportioned and attractive contemporary wooden furniture and architectural woodwork. Heartwood Design’s finishes are also durable and involve many steps to achieve a fine hand-rubbed furniture finish.  

Heartwood Design has an extensive portfolio of many different completed works spanning forty years of creation that we can show to interested clients.   

From the time of down-payment, completion and delivery generally take 4 to 12 weeks. Heartwood Designs can provide distinctive, one-of-a-kind and limited production designs that complement the interior architecture of the home or other space. 


 For large-scale custom orders, delivery time can sometimes exceed 12 weeks depending on the nature and larger scale of the project.  

Heartwood's clients purchase outstanding bespoke wood furniture for special occasions and presents  for weddings, anniversaries, etc. 

Work for CT Hospice

Above is the carved oak entrance door for CT Hospice, the first hospice in the US; architect Lo Yi Chan.  In addition to the entrance door built 1978, Heartwood's owner was also selected to create the furnishings for the chapel including a carved circular altar, a podium, kneelers, and curved wall cabinets.

Above-- Amaranth and Holly Wall Cabinet and Accompanying Sideboard / Mixing Table

Dovetail construction throughout